4/11/2019 Chris stream - Deco changes incoming, The Vault, Top Purchased Items and Deep Ravenswood update!

4/11/2019 Chris stream - Deco changes incoming, The Vault, Top Purchased Items and Deep Ravenswood update!

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 04:47
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There were some interesting moments in this stream!

Deco Scaling Is on the Way!

What the hell?  A lot of decorations are going to be scale-able up or down 20%.  Planters, chairs, crafting and basically anything else that has custom animations (for sitting, etc) will NOT be resize-able.  The coolest items I can think of are trees and statues, but knowing this community, we will have our minds blown by some new creations and the variability will add a lot of depth to decorating.

Recycling "Dead" Items with The Vault

In what I am sure is already very controversial on the forums, some discontinued items will be brought back to the crown store.  I know expired homes are one of the big items on that list.  The current home options are pretty weak and this will improve the options and we have a new class (big stone gothic mansions) of homes starting with the Lord of the Isles home, which will be the largest home in-game that can only fit on keep and castle.  This should fit in well with the current style of the game.

The most official detail I see is:

Players will also be able to purchase items from the “Vault” section of the Crown Shop which will feature rare, previously-expired items that will be available for a limited time at a premium price.

Top Items In the Crown Store

Read the legend from the top to counter clockwise.  Some of the colors are re-used, but the top of the legend corresponds with the top of the chart then move clockwise.

These were the top items that were on sale, so you see how well the sales worked.

Top items in Shroud of the Avatar Crown Store

This is all items over the last week I believe.

Chris was using the snipping tool on his hand to share screen shots that didn't give away too much detail.

Shroud of the Avatar crown store sales

What the Hell is Adventure Level?

Adventure level used to be more meaningful and included a hit buff or debuff based on how powerful the mob is that you are fighting.  That is no longer the case.

It does give you a boost to health and focus.  After Level 100, you get 2 points in each for each adventure level.

What's Wrong with the Map System?

Have you ever wondered why the maps are such a mess?  Well, the team doesn't want to invest much time into it, because the current system is not ideal.  It's more likely that they will replace this current system with something that has better cross platform support and is more easy to update.

Unicorns will be Tameable!

Well, this is awesome.  Chris thinks it will be a great tier 2 pet candidate that we are expecting in episode 2.  This and most of these quick questions are all player questions.  Anyway, this answer warranted a JIRA # 64466.  If it's in JIRA, it has to be real, right?  LOL

Can you add dinosaurs to the game?

Chris loves dinosaurs and he wants tameable and ride-able dinosaurs in-game.  I don't know how I feel about this, but technically, there are already dinosaurs that you can fish up in-game, so we're already in the land of dinosaurs.

Barghest Update

Chris is going ot be working on Deep Ravenswood and thinks he will have time to add a barghest (boss wolf) to the zone when he updates it.  This should be interesting.  Hopefully, they do great work on that new model.  A barghest could shape shift in some universes and had some wild forms.  It does not sound like that they will have the time to take it that far, but there is going to be epic new mob and a new pet I believe!  This should match up with the current top tier bears and boars.

How many issues plague taming?

Chris was taking donations and if you donated, he would answer all of your queued questions.  These taming answers came from one player.

What's the no. 1 issue plaguing taming?  Main issue is that tamers think they should have a pet that can do everything for them.  (direct quote from Chris)  

More answers to why taming issues:

  1. Creatures need to be smarter
  2. DPS needs to be improved or "brought in line" as Chris said it
  3. Higher tier pets need better models
  4. Concentration skill needs to be reviewed since the focus drain seems to vary a little wildly.


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Hope these continue to come out with updates, this was well organized and easy to follow, I want more!