Shroud of the Avatar Time Played by Character

If a stat mentions 'everyone', that includes anonyous, so every kill by any player regardless of their stat settings would have been counted. Anonymous can represent more than one player, however, so they are excluded from total hours. The chart only includes named players, so anonymous is excluded in that case.

Player activity All-Time

Unique player names3,957
Average hours played230 hours
Average kills9,249 kills
Most hours playedIan Berie played 10,437 hrs
Most kills by one playerIan Berie killed 538,392 creatures
Total hours adventuring named characters909,681
Total kills everyone36,598,630

Player activity for 2023 (no playtime is accounted for before 2023)

Unique player names997
Average hours played136 hours
Average kills5,095 kills
Most hours playedCeal Astra played 3,597 hrs
Most kills by one playerCeal Astra killed 215,700 creatures
Total hours adventuring named characters135,369
Total kills everyone5,079,870