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API Data

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 03:28
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We're adding API data to the site!

Our hope is to offer answers to a lot of questions, such as:

  • How many players are in-game each day?
  • Who's engaged in PVP?
  • Which players have fought and who won?
  • Where are people playing in-game?
  • What are they fighting?
  • Where can I find "x" monster?
  • Where does this item drop?
  • How many items have dropped in-game?

It's not easy to fuse all of this data together and stay under the API's request limitations, but we're closing in on answering all of these elements.

Basic monster reporting is available here.  We'll be adding basic pvp and item stats soon then fleshing out more detailed reports about certain types of items, types of mobs, and overviews of the world that hint at the health of the game.  We hope to provide a clear history for each mob, player and item in-game.  Moreover, we hope to organize contests and rewards for achievements in-game very soon!

We strive to be accurate as possible, but all of the data is subject to being successfully downloaded.  In any given timeframe, the API will never report more than 10k records, so if there 15k monsters killed in an hour, you would only see 10k results for that hour.

We are retrieving data for certain events every 15 minutes and only once to keep pressure off of Portalarium's servers.  When you are using our site, you are only impacting our site, so have at it!

There will be challenges getting the "real" names for towns and items.  Those are always reported as their system id's that rarely maps clearly between the two. "Novia_R8_Hills02_01" for instance is the applications name for Upper Tears.  A lot of trial and error will go into sorting out each of these labels, so it's as clear as possible when navigating the site.


Hmmm... more news?  I'm interested in what is news.

  • Shroud of the avatar featured around the web?
  • Updates on live streams?
  • Patch notes?

I'm curious about the coverage depth and how often people would want it.  I'm down for that.  Not sure where to start, but I have started on a player guide.  I've also thought about bringing the best content together from youtube and the forums here, so there's a launch pad into those services.

The forums are the doc for the game in a lot of ways right now, but a forum structure is terrible for documentation.