Show your stats and win your stacks raffle for August 2020!

Show your stats and win your stacks raffle for August 2020!

Sun, 08/02/2020 - 01:40
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We are creating a raffle around your play time in-game!  For each hour your character appears in the stats, whether it is one kill, death or receipt in-game.  You will receive a raffle ticket.  Eventually, we will report on your raffle entries on your character's page, but we will not be able to finish this right away.  If you want to find your character's page, search for your character's name using the search bar just under the banner of

To participate all you have to do is share your stats in the API. Prizes will be mailed in-game the first week of September with the announcement of the next raffle!

Sorry, we cannot correlate crafting to a specific character, if we could we would.  If we can, we will.

Raffle prizes are chosen randomly.  You can only win once in a raffle.

Random raffle prizes for the month of August 2020

  • 2500 COTOs

  • 1000 COTOs

  • 500 COTOs

  • 250 COTOs

  • 100 COTOs

  • 500,000 IGG

  • 200,000 IGG

  • 100,000 IGG

  • 50,000 IGG

  • 20,000 IGG

Special Prizes

  • Around the world challenge - Player with a kill in the most zones - 1000 COTOs
  • Reaper Challenge - Player with the most Reaper kills! - Catnip Games prize - Taxed Row Lot Deed (No Trade)
  • Leather Birbs Must Die. - Score a dragon kill and you are entered to win the Crossroads Prize - Commission Free Vendor (Goal TBD)
  • What time is it? - The player with the most Shock Monkey kills wins the Crossroads Prize - Non-Combat Clockwork Pet Reward (Goal TBD)
  • Very Faun(d) of You! - Crossroads Prize player with the most Faun kills - Prosperity Tool Reward (Goal TBD)
  • Live long and prosper - Kill the most elves and win the Crossroads Prize - Prosperity Tool Reward (Goal TBD)
  • The Brave and the Kobold - Kill the most Kobolds and win the Crossroads Prize - Warlock's Chain, Uncommon + 1 (Goal TBD)

We're looking for more prizes and players what want to sponsor prizes.  If you want to contribute in some way, please reach out to me via my profile on the Shroud of the Avatar Forum.