Share with the community and win big!

Share with the community and win big!

Mon, 05/27/2019 - 00:30
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So, a huge part of Shroud of the Avatar is our community.  We have great streamers, tons of help on the forums in most cases and a development team that's willing to engage directly with the players.  I have only known the first and last names of the people that have created the games I played a handful of times, so we may gripe, but we know who we're griping too.  

However, as a player, you have the opportunity to contribute to the overall state of the game by sharing your activities in-game.  

We want to reward you for sharing your name in-game! is starting monthly raffles for sharing your in-game activity in the API and receipt data through the SOTA Vendor Management Tool.

There will be 4 prizes raffled off at the end of each month to players who's names show up in the PvP or PvE stats (kill another player or a monster to win):

  • Deco Bundle
  • Telethon Reward Bundle - special weapons, gear, etc
  • Pre-built 100pt dungeon bundle entrance, foyer, and pre-made pieces including specialty rooms found in telethon rewards

You can easily add your name to the API stats by right clicking your character name in-game and clicking Show name in public stats.

Show name in Shroud of the Avatar API stats

Upload your receipt data to enter to win our COTO raffle

Visit the SOTA Vendor Management Tool and click the "Upload Discarded Email" for instructions on how to submit your receipts.  You must also set your privacy settings to "Show my data in public reports" and "Show my player name in public reports" as shown below:



Show receipts to the public

There will be three COTO bundles raffled off each month.  Each raffle prize will be a 1,000 COTO prize.  Winners are chosen at random.

We will be announcing the first raffle's prize packages on June 1st, so stay tuned!