Portalarium is giving away a Player-owned Town and more crazy news from today's stream

Portalarium is giving away a Player-owned Town and more crazy news from today's stream

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 00:31
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As we all know, Chris live streams and can drop a lot of great information about the game regarding what's happening and what's coming and today's (April 1st) stream was no April Fool's Joke.

PoT Giveaway Deco Contest

Portalarium will be adding their own contest zone for a new deco contest!

  • Each contestant will be allowed to claim a village lot
  • Magic movers will most likely be disabled
  • No specific date for the contest.  
  • Contest should run for one week
  • 100k gold or 1,000 crown entry fee
  • The PoT prize will be an overland PoT available in Episode 1 or Episode 2 zones

The thought is that a great decorator would be a great governor, and I think that logic holds up.  Obviously, the winner may not want a town and trade it away, but this is exciting news.

The new contest or GM town will be used for future contests, as well.  I believe Portalarium hit it out of the park with this announcement and I can't wait to hear the full details.  Chris mentioned that a lot of the player-run towns were dead and they may reclaim those to make space for a new player-owned town.  For the most part, player-owned towns are the best places for players to live.  It's a community living space made by the community and it generally adjusts overtime to new features.

Fertilizer Delayed for an In-game Ranking System

Amen...  Portalarium is going to add ranking systems for PvP, Fishing and possibly PvE achievements in-game.  This will be a public ranking in the game, so we can all admire those with actual free time!  I think this a huge improvement for the game and low hanging fruit at that!  Rankings have always been a  great way for people to see one-another's progress in-game and challenge one another.  It's an awesome way to create new game play and I think it's a great re-prioritization. 

Level 6 Lich Totem exploits!

Players have been able to cheat and make level 6 lich totems and are selling them in-game.  DO NOT BUY THEM.  They will be turned into Level 1 totems.  If you purchased one, I would contact Portalarium support and try to get my money back from them.  We are often subjected to these new exploits with a new release and victims of a scam, in my opinion.  I saw two in-game, one in Novia Market and one in Owl's Head for ~2.4 million gold.  Well below the materials cost to make the item.  The level 6 totems at the moment will take 100k+ totems to build.

Totem Crafting Change

Level 5 totems will soon only take 2 level 4 totems to craft and a level 6 will only take 2 level 5 totems, which drastically reduces the totems need to craft a very difficult instance.

No update was available on when experience and loot will drop from these player-owned instances.  If you haven't seen these yet, I have one placed in Titanforge.  When you zone in, head straight in, and the first village lot on the left hosts a dungeon.  The first room on the left has a Level 1 lich totem.


An update that should improve game performance should be released this week (Wednesday).  This might be one of the multi-threading updates that we have desperately needed.

Crown Store Buffs Are Ending

Crown store buffs will be removed this release in a patch.  It was a reward to encourage people to use the crown store more frequently and get in the habit of checking out new sales.  BTW, any time you see a green asterisk on that crown store icon, it's well worth your time to check out the new set of nine items that are on sale.  There's some awesome deals from time-to-time, for instance, the keep sized moondial is I think 20% off for a limited time.  None of these sales last longer than 24 hours.

Judges wig should yield patterns soon

This is a very cool clothing item that looks like a victorian era wig that was worn by the well-to-do of that era.  It's already dye-able and being able to apply it to a nice light armor gear will be epic!

Crown stacking

Evidently, there's a bug with stacking crowns.  I have not personally seen this and I deal a lot with the precious coins, but Chris has reproduced the bug and is investigating it to determine the fix.  There was also some discussion of max stack size.  Possibly, the seed has been planted for higher stack sizes.  Maybe something with a nice even number!?

Dare to dream!

Stream upgrades

If you are a fan of the streams, Chris's audio has been terrible, but he has purchased a new Yeti microphone which shroud really boost the overall stream quality.  

That's all folks... I'm so glad I took notes.  Chris drops tons of information.  Expect more of these brief recounts, so we can all keep track of Chris's amazing stream updates.


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Thanks for the news post.

I'm out on a trip right now, as you know, so haven't been able to watch anything.

That's really crazy news about the POT. But what does "reclaim some empty POTS" mean? I assume they aren't disappearing from the owners account, are they just being pulled from the map for now?