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Titanforge’s Monster Catch Fishing Tournament Results!

Titanforge’s Monster Catch Fishing Tournament Results!

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 21:14
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Congratulations to the 114 fisherman on catching 3396 fish (leaderboard)!

The prizes were a bear to sort out, but here they are!  Again, congrats to everyone and thanks for participating.   The tournament is giving out 983 COTOs, 2 deeds, several prosperity tools and more!  I will start sending out prized and returning everyone's fish tonight.  The fish will take a while!

Raffle Winner

All contestants were entered to win a PoT Taxed Village Deed!  The winner is: Net!

Top Prizes

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament Top 3 Prizes

Largest Fish of Each Type Awards

Ties were drawn randomly.  You can see each person's score in the raffle in the far right column.

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament Largest Fish By Type p1

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament Largest fish by type part 2

Crossroads and Crossroads Alleys Prizes

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament crossroads and crossroads alleys prizes

Titanforge Prizes

Wow!  Over 600 fish were caught in Titanforge!

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament titanforge prizes

Most Fish and Most Length of Fish Caught

I sprung this prize at the last minute to push people to continue fishing.  It came late, because I needed that little extra boost to the contest and it worked!  I received nearly triple the fish after the announcement and pushed our total contestants over 100!

We almost broke the 5,000 fish length trigger that would have opened up 4 more prizes.  We were so close!

Titanforge Monster Fishing Tournament total fish caught prizes

Final Thoughts

Phew... this turned into an insane endeavor.  The data entry took over 40 hours and for those that were relaxed and didn't harass me about when you were getting your fish back.  Thank you so much!  You guys were generous and patient, and it was much appreciated.  Like many of us, I have a day job and family responsibilities, so squeezing 40 hours over this week was no small effort.  

I got determined to wrap up last night and stayed up until early morning to get the results published and I am so happy this is over!  I'll have a better method next time.

The Fishing System

I think the fishing system turned out to be robust and challenging.  I'll publish stats soon, but sharks are truly illusive as well as the marlin and sailfish.  Other more common fish had far less entropy, so we had lots of ties that resulted in raffles.  I won't structure prizes around those more common fish the same next time.  I hate to see the final prize draw come down to chance, but there wasn't a more efficient way to handle it, and I'm under a time crunch.

We'll do another one when I can pull the fishing stats from the API or give you the ability to upload your own fish. It was too slow doing it all myself, but I stand by the effort to make sure that all of the fish were verified by a neutral entity.

Thank you all for participating!  It was fun and enlightening and we will do more!