API Update: Loot data added and specialty loot pages are in-coming

API Update: Loot data added and specialty loot pages are in-coming

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 19:30
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Probably the most anticipated information in the game.  Shroud of the Avatar loot stats are finally up on the site.  There are some important pieces missing at the moment, and the major one is archtype to in-game translation.  The API stats publishes the archetype of an item rather than it's system name.  This isn't a bad thing as items that might have their name's changed or item's that might have the same common name can be differentiated from one other, but it leads to some fun (i.e.):

Ingredients/Reagents/ItemReagent_ObsidianChip = Obsidian Chip

So, it's not impossible to read the archetype and figure out the name.  However, we definitely want to make it easy for you to read!  It's serviceable as-is, but we want something that's fun and easy to use.  All of the API stats at the moment are in their most basic form.  We want to make it more helpful and easier to use and to that end, there's plenty of work to do.

Supply Bundle Stats

So, there's a custom page just about supply bundles and it's part report/blog post with the API stats integrated into the content.  I want to do more of that and make straightforward guides that help you optimize your play in-game.  Supply bundles was a request from a player in-game and I was like "ah-ha, I can do that with the stats engine".  Here is the first report of this type: "Where do I find supply bundles in Shroud of the Avatar?".  This is a decently helpful page, but what it doesn't account for is that supply bundles only drop from certain mobs in a scene, so the numbers aren't as accurate as they could be.  Some work needs to be done to make sure that the monster kill stats are better correlated with the loot stats.

What's coming for loot data?

I ultimately want to have lots of supply bundle style pages, and I just thought that farming cabalist hoods is a very important item to acquire and that should be next page of this type.  The great thing about this?  A hood always correlates to one character in the game.  We know how many of that character is killed and we know how many of their hoods have been farmed, so we have a perfect calculation of how many cabalists, you will have to kill to expect a hood. 

Now, shroud of the avatar is a hard game to grind and they rely on a strict RNG system, and if you understand random numbers, you know full well you may kill 100s of a mob and never get the item you want.  There's no helper system that eventually rewards you with the item you seek.  It can feel very unjust, especially when the universe hates you, and you spend your precious time looking for an object only to be denied day in and day out.

So, ideas for new farming pages:

  • Best zones to earn the most gold (selling both to in-game vendors or reselling to other players)
  • Hood farming guide
  • Dragon head farming guide
  • Special artifact farming guide
  • Crown farming guide

There's more.  Leave your suggestions below!  This site is for the Shroud of the Avatar community, and I want you to have plenty of reasons to come back again and again!

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