API and Receipt Stats Raffle Winners for June 2019!

API and Receipt Stats Raffle Winners for June 2019!

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 03:54
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You guys rock!  We had a great receipt submissions and lots of new people added themselves to the API.

Some cool info:

  • 129 people submitted receipts last month!!
  • 1399 unique players made their stats public in the API (note: that's not total players just people that showed their name)
  • 604 NEW people showed their names in stats in June!

I hope everyone that's sharing their information is enjoying the tools on this site and enjoying seeing their name in the monster and PvP stats pages.  I think I will be hosting contests based on that data soon, but for sure, we will be running this raffle again in July, so keep sharing for your chance to win!

Receipt Raffle Winners

  1. Olthadir - 2500 COTOs
  2. Cleo - 1500 COTOs
  3. Mech Swamprott - 1000 COTOs

API Data Raffle Winners

  1. Dysis - 100 point dungeon kit
  2. Dirish Galthen - Deco pack (44 pieces)
  3. Mrxford - Weapon and Costume Pack (23 pieces)

I will be mailing out prizes and reaching out to players tonight to pick up the heavy items ASAP!

Thanks everyone and let's keep it going for July!