Barghest definitely coming as the top tier wolf

Barghest definitely coming as the top tier wolf

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 07:55
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Chris was besieged by unity editor updates that slowed down the stream not too many new questions were asked, but a nice overview of spawner groups in Deep Ravenswood and Ruined Keep hinted at level design and how Portalarium likes to organize mobs.

Remove the leashes, Chris!  It can't hurt!  Just kidding...

Rare Build Issue

A rare build issue delayed release until tonight, but 942 is out and there's some interesting bludgeon improvements already:

  • Doubled the duration of Berserk in the Bludgeon tree.
  • Ground Pound will now include a -10% attack speed debuff that can stack up to 3 times.

Per the release notes... looks pretty awesome already!  Bludgeon is a compelling PvE alternative already, but it has been a liability in PvP combat.  Hopefully, these changes will bring bludgeon closer to all around viability.  It's a unique weapon class that offers some awesome mechanics.

Terrain issues were a big part of the patches that come in.  Each map has to be updated to the new streaming shader, so they'll be fixed progressively with each release.

Barghest incoming!

Boss level wolves to be added to be on par with their tamable top tier bear and boar counterparts.  Some argued that the top boars don't compete with the bears, so Chris has that an issue that he will look at.


Spawner Groups

spawner groups in deep ravenswood

Chris went into detail on spawner groups.  In the diagram above, you will see that there are white, blue and red circles that represent the wander, leash and aggro areas of the mob.  This makes it so that the creatures we fight can't be harvested so easily by kiting a whole region and killing a massive group of critters with area effect spells.

  • White circle is the wander radius.  The mob will patrol that area randomly until it has aggroed a player or other NPC (i.e. bears fight wolves, skeletons fight spiders, etc).  You can see this group logic indicated by the lines connecting the circled areas.  
  • The red circle indicates the aggro area, as creatures and players roam into those area, the AI can decide if the creature should attack.
  • The blue circle, the widest, is the leash.  If in combat and chasing a prey, once the mobs hits the edge of the blue circle it will return to it's wander radius, the white circle.


The New Troll Dungeon Room

Chris showed off the new troll dungeon room and it is massive and the troll spawner isn't shy about dropping trolls on adventures.  Chris's level 3 (I think) totem had at least 6 trolls in that room and that room felt full.  You are immediately underfoot of these suckers and they don't look like the lower tiered trolls.

The spawner wasn't working as Chris had expected either, so expect another patch to fix the spawn timer.

13 Lot Upgrades Yesterday

Chris had 13 lot upgrades yesterday and he extended the offer again today to anyone upgrading a deed.  Maybe we'll get some more chances?  I posted it in discord as soon as he announced it.  

It's too late as of now, but any deed upgrade performed in-game (he's watching it on his dashboard) and you can write him, Atos in-game, an email with the COTOs for a house you want on the store.  You are credited 33% of the deed upgrade price towards the new home.  It is a great offer, and I hope Chris does it again.


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Thanks for keeping these updated, I'm using it as my news source now. There was no power in town today so it was all outside time, I'm glad to be able to keep up with the news!