The Apology Stream!

The Apology Stream!

Sat, 04/06/2019 - 00:32
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If you are active in-game, you know this last release of Shroud of the Avatar was particularly troublesome.  An upgrade to unity is in and with it a new way of streaming terrain has been added to the game.  It's caused issues throughout the world that have to be fixed one-by-one.  Needless to say, it was not tested well, but it was the day of release and what do you do when you hit release day?  You release.

Maybe test it, but that's just a suggestion in software development.

The Gang Worked Through Issues Live

Lots of testing to do and the apology stream was done just to fill in for the proposed live stream.  The troll room is in-game, but not dropping.  Pretty common.  Chris tested that live and the troll room spawner is not working correctly.

The rest of the stream was waiting on the build to complete, which was a long wait.  Builds take a really long time on server hardware, so Chris and Sannoi had a tough stream to say the least.

Episode 2 Will Be Filled With More Difficult Content Than Episode 1

After much debating, it sounds like the team has decided to make episode 2 have content that is several tiers higher than episode 1.  There will be tougher mobs and tougher pets and the top-level players won't get nerfed!

Wave Spawners Confirmed

Portarlarium will add spawners for dungeons (and possibly towns as mentioned before) that will progressively increase in difficulty.  A nice addition to be sure.  I was thinking about mimicing this behavior with progressively harder rooms dedicated to each tier, but this will be a big money and resource saver.

The Deco Contest Is Coming VERY SOON

The Deco contest is confirmed and Portalarium may be adding the contest town next week!  No official announcements via email or press release, BUT this is very exciting and I'm impressed that they want to do this so quickly!




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Talking about the Deco contest here.... how many times do we have something big in game with zero outside news?

If only they'd get on Discord. They are already a verified game, all they have to do is tie the updates in and anyone who's ever played Shroud is finding out about stuff like this when they first log in and see the Activity feed.

Wave spawners are cool. I'm much more likely to use those if they come to the towns though. I probably won't be building many dungeons until there's a DM mode.

Yeah, we need to mobilize this stuff for them.  I'm going to push for an affiliate program, so we can get some measurable outcomes from Portalarium:

  • New installs
  • New character created
  • Quest completed
  • Lot claimed
  • Shroud obtained

There's plenty more, BUT that's a clear marker of success and helps people get invested in helping new players get into the game and be successful.  They have done some things like this in-game (hospitallers) and I think they support streamers with giveaways.  Maybe we can get a new trackable mechanism that can help us introduce new people to the game.