4/9/2019 More Deco Announcements (unconfirmed) and playing with Trolls

4/9/2019 More Deco Announcements (unconfirmed) and playing with Trolls

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 03:30
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Chris had a ton going on and was not able to add a ton of questions.  He was online to test the current patch that was coming out the same day.

Deco Contest Could Start as Early as this Weekend

What the hell?  This is happening fast.  We know the details really well by now and the top prize is a player-owned town.  This Friday, 4/12/2019, I am sure the official announcement for the contest will drop and we will know the complete details.

It sounds like we better get ourselves ready for the contest.  The dev town should be able to feature 200 villages.  I'm not sure if a map could that many, but we will see.

Chris gave us two bits of information:

  1. The contest might run 3 weeks
  2. The winner gets to pick the location of the town and the map type (of course)
  3. (Uncofirmed) The Dev town will stay up and the players get to keep their lots after the contest.  This may only apply to the better entries.  Chris mentioned it would be a good showcase for the game.

Chris played through his troll room with a level 6 totem.  He gave himself 50000 strength, as an archer, and 100k health and he was able to hit for 10k points of damage against the toughest trolls in the game.

We'll never get to those stats, but it's fun to dream!