4/8/2019 Chris Stream - 2 offers today for a limited time

4/8/2019 Chris Stream - 2 offers today for a limited time

Mon, 04/08/2019 - 23:03
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Special Offers from Chris

Purchase the 10,000 COTO package and receive the a few Obsidian Book of Greater Unlearning.  These books allow you to remove all of the experience from an entire tree.  Just purchase the item from the store and Chris will mail the item to you in-game.

Chris is still offering a 33% credit to deed upgrades.  Upgrade a deed and Chris will take 1/3 of that deed price and credit it toward a home of your choice.  I bet this will run all week honestly.

Bludgeon updates still coming in this release

Ground and pound is in for the next patch and stun changes are still in progress.  The stuns may not arrive until next release.

What makes Goruk Mansmasher so tough?

He certainly has more health and probably more damage.  What you may not know is that he has a higher turn rate and is more agile than Torq'dawl, so if you have wondered why you were having more trouble, you might need to buff your speed to stay ahead of him.

In general, stacking two speed buffs will help you win a lot of top level fights.  I have seen a high-level player use a quick left-right-left-right movement to confuse the AI, as well, so there's a piece you can try to add to your arsenal!

Fishing Drop Rate

Chris won't answer.  He stays away from fishing.

R65 Baby Dragons will be tameable

Chris was about to enter a JIRA just to see the request is already in the queue!  Baby dragons FTW!  There are yellow, green, orange, purple, and red.

Lord of the Isle Bundle mansion home

For those of you, who don't know, there is an exclusive home that will be available for purchasers of this exclusive package.  List Rostov is working on the new home and Chris described it as a "big stone gothic mansion".  List is doing something interesting here and has brought an Unreal package to Unity for re-use.  The assets take some translation to work correctly in Unity.  This bodes well for finding more low-hanging fruit that can easily be moved from two stores to the game.

** still being updated**