A receipt manager has been added to the site!

Please visit the "Add Receipt" page to see the new tool.

The Receipt tool allows you to view all of your order and sales receipts, which are now stored in a text file on your computer.  You upload this file to shroudoftheavatar.net and we will process it for you and show detailed reports about the items you are selling, how well they are selling in different locations and who your customers are!

This data, if you choose, is aggregated into our public price list that shows details about items that sell in-game!

I have personally found it in valuable to see this high level view on what is selling in-game, who my best customers are and how well I am selling in the towns where I have vendors.

You also have options to download the processed data from this site, so if you just want to upload your receipts and receive in return a fully parsed version of your data you can.

For now, we only support the English language, but we will be expanding support for other languages as we get sample receipts in each language.

If you don't have receipt data, be sure to come back and check out our price list, so you can see what other players are charging for items.



Submitted by Azhai on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 20:55 Permalink

Hi Thomas,

as there seems to be no way to find you in game or on Discord and also no way to send you a personal message over this site:

I investigated a bit about the bug with the wrong price for the "Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph" and the corrupt date for all of my uploaded transaction mails. Looking at that discarded mail file, I saw that, despite the text being in English, according that's my game setting, the date and number format is still the local one, set in windows. This means that the date format dd.mm.yyyy can not interpreted by your import and the dot in price for the phonograph, 1.599, was interpreted as decimal point and rounded up while it is in reality the grouping character (while the decimal sign would be ,).

I would solve the problem by having ppl add the locale that their OS is set to to their profile here. Then extract date and numbers from the standard text and parsed locale specific. I don't know what your programming language is for this import, but iirc Java has some method that you can give the date String and the locale to then receive a date.

If you need the original file for tests, have some questions or want me to try an upload again, you find a working email address in my profile here.

Best regards


I am working on that now.  If you are willing, I am Thomas#7788 on discord and you can send me the file there for testing.

That issue is at the top of my list.