Oppenheimer PvP Stats

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Stat Value
Win %28%
Current Bounty2 Points/kill

Kill list

This data is used to calculate the overall score of a PvPer. You can verify a player's score by mutliplying their kills times their points per kill.

Killer Victim Pts/Kill Kills Total
Oppenheimer Aid 47 1 47
Oppenheimer Antrax Artek 266 1 266
Oppenheimer Deus Vult 33 1 33
Oppenheimer Graydios 197 11 2167
Oppenheimer Para 197 2 394
Oppenheimer Willow Hanabi 1 1 1

There can be cases when there are more events than can be downloaded within a given time period and excess results will not appear. We hope this is useful information for the community and strive to be as accurate as possible!