New features on

New features on

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 05:25
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I have been heads down adding new data and features to  There's a lot planned to be done this month!

The latest release is the global quick search.  We track a lot of unique objects; nearly 10,000 at the time of this writing.  This number includes players, towns, items and monsters.  Navigating through it has been a pain to say the least.

With quick search, located just under the main menu, you can search for any of these objects and see the relevant page(s) to that item.  Players can have multiple page results that represent their receipt, PvP and monster hunting activity!  It still needs a small improvement; it's not sorting results correctly.

You might need to do a hard refresh

Your browser might need a hard refresh of the page for the new changes to work.  I have not needed to clear my cache or restart the browser.  In chrome, for instance, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R was enough to get the new version of the javascript.

Sorry for this.  It's been really sticky for everyone coming to the site.

What's next?

For starters, we will be adding a full search page that will  allow to filter out items you want to search for and possibly add that to the quick bar, so you can just search players, monsters, items, scenes or a combination of those.

The next big feature is going to be events.  We're going to give anyone the opportunity to create an event and advertise it on this site.  It will be moderated, but it's for anyone to access and manage their events.  There will be a calendar view and event listing.

After that, there's going to be some very big surprises that are going to help all of us work on bolstering the community.


What are your thoughts on the latest changes and what's coming to the site next?  What tools do you need to help you make the most of Shroud of the Avatar?