The Apology Stream!

If you are active in-game, you know this last release of Shroud of the Avatar was particularly troublesome.  An upgrade to unity is in and with it a new way of streaming terrain has been added to the game.  It's caused issues throughout the world that have to be fixed one-by-one.  Needless to say, it was not tested well, but it was the day of release and what do you do when you hit release day?  You release.

Maybe test it, but that's just a suggestion in software development.

Deed upgrade deal until 9pm CST tonight and more stream updates!

Deed upgrades will give a credit to a home purchase until 4/2/2019 9pm CST

Any deed upgrade will grant you a credit of 1/3 (one third) of the COTO price to a new home.  Email Atos in-game with the home you want to purchase and the purchase price of the home and he will send you the home.   He did some of this live on stream.  

In addition, if you upgraded a deed and you have an expired home, he offered to upgrade that expired home to the next home that matches that lot size.  This is pretty huge and something you need to check out.

Portalarium is giving away a Player-owned Town and more crazy news from today's stream

As we all know, Chris live streams and can drop a lot of great information about the game regarding what's happening and what's coming and today's (April 1st) stream was no April Fool's Joke.

PoT Giveaway Deco Contest

Portalarium will be adding their own contest zone for a new deco contest!

API Update: Loot data added and specialty loot pages are in-coming

Probably the most anticipated information in the game.  Shroud of the Avatar loot stats are finally up on the site.  There are some important pieces missing at the moment, and the major one is archtype to in-game translation.  The API stats publishes the archetype of an item rather than it's system name.  This isn't a bad thing as items that might have their name's changed or item's that might have the same common name can be differentiated from one other, but it leads to some fun (i.e.):

New features on

I have been heads down adding new data and features to  There's a lot planned to be done this month!

The latest release is the global quick search.  We track a lot of unique objects; nearly 10,000 at the time of this writing.  This number includes players, towns, items and monsters.  Navigating through it has been a pain to say the least.

Ranking PVP gamers in Shroud of the Avatar!

We have been scraping Shroud of the Avatar's API for PvP data for two weeks and wanted to give the community a simple ranking system for players engaged in PvP.  The hope is that we can add incentives based on the data, and for now you can review each PvPer with a confirmed kill or death via the API and an overview that let's you see all of the players ranked by our scoring system.