API Update: Loot data added and specialty loot pages are in-coming

Probably the most anticipated information in the game.  Shroud of the Avatar loot stats are finally up on the site.  There are some important pieces missing at the moment, and the major one is archtype to in-game translation.  The API stats publishes the archetype of an item rather than it's system name.  This isn't a bad thing as items that might have their name's changed or item's that might have the same common name can be differentiated from one other, but it leads to some fun (i.e.):

New features on

I have been heads down adding new data and features to  There's a lot planned to be done this month!

The latest release is the global quick search.  We track a lot of unique objects; nearly 10,000 at the time of this writing.  This number includes players, towns, items and monsters.  Navigating through it has been a pain to say the least.

Ranking PVP gamers in Shroud of the Avatar!

We have been scraping Shroud of the Avatar's API for PvP data for two weeks and wanted to give the community a simple ranking system for players engaged in PvP.  The hope is that we can add incentives based on the data, and for now you can review each PvPer with a confirmed kill or death via the API and an overview that let's you see all of the players ranked by our scoring system.

Titanforge’s Monster Catch Fishing Tournament Results!

Congratulations to the 114 fisherman on catching 3396 fish (leaderboard)!

The prizes were a bear to sort out, but here they are!  Again, congrats to everyone and thanks for participating.   The tournament is giving out 983 COTOs, 2 deeds, several prosperity tools and more!  I will start sending out prized and returning everyone's fish tonight.  The fish will take a while!

Bladewyke is celebrating it's new biome with a party August 19th!

I wanted to share this announcement that I received in-game about the grand re-opening of Bladewyke event!  It's the kind of content I want on this site, and I want you to contribute it, but I haven't had the time to build the tools for it, yet.  Higher priority issues with receipt processing have really slowed me down along with life and work.

The plan is to allow you to manage your towns, vendors and more on this site, so you can share events, sales, and whatever else you may need and soon.

Original announcement in-game