Titanforge’s Monster Catch Fishing Tournament Results!

Congratulations to the 114 fisherman on catching 3396 fish (leaderboard)!

The prizes were a bear to sort out, but here they are!  Again, congrats to everyone and thanks for participating.   The tournament is giving out 983 COTOs, 2 deeds, several prosperity tools and more!  I will start sending out prized and returning everyone's fish tonight.  The fish will take a while!

Bladewyke is celebrating it's new biome with a party August 19th!

I wanted to share this announcement that I received in-game about the grand re-opening of Bladewyke event!  It's the kind of content I want on this site, and I want you to contribute it, but I haven't had the time to build the tools for it, yet.  Higher priority issues with receipt processing have really slowed me down along with life and work.

The plan is to allow you to manage your towns, vendors and more on this site, so you can share events, sales, and whatever else you may need and soon.

Original announcement in-game

Announcement: Shawn's "Sell and/or buy all the things" Challenge!!!

Thanks to the new receipt files in release 55 and some terrific work by Titania Xylia on the new vendor tool at, we now have a great way to track our sales and find good prices for all the things.  To celebrate this new tool I am running a merchant challenge during release 56.

The 'Shawn's Merchant "Sell and/or buy all the things" Challenge!!!'

SotA vendor management update

Updates have been made, since we first announced the Vendor Management Tool last week.  The hope is that we learn more about the game and better manage what can sprawl into an incomprehensible mess in-game.

We are looking for feedback and bug reports.  Please send them to  The receipts come in a lot of different localized formats that we won't see until we encounter them through this site.  We will work to support all formats as they come in.

A receipt manager has been added to the site!

Please visit the "Add Receipt" page to see the new tool.

The Receipt tool allows you to view all of your order and sales receipts, which are now stored in a text file on your computer.  You upload this file to and we will process it for you and show detailed reports about the items you are selling, how well they are selling in different locations and who your customers are!

This data, if you choose, is aggregated into our public price list that shows details about items that sell in-game!