4/11/2019 Chris stream - Deco changes incoming, The Vault, Top Purchased Items and Deep Ravenswood update!

There were some interesting moments in this stream!

Deco Scaling Is on the Way!

What the hell?  A lot of decorations are going to be scale-able up or down 20%.  Planters, chairs, crafting and basically anything else that has custom animations (for sitting, etc) will NOT be resize-able.  The coolest items I can think of are trees and statues, but knowing this community, we will have our minds blown by some new creations and the variability will add a lot of depth to decorating.

4/10/2019 Chris stream - Wave spawners, crown shop buffs, dungeon room types, and more

I thought I had already written this and published, but I can't find it anywhere.  This was a great stream where Chris was determined to answer questions.  He doubles-down on 4/11 to and hits the questions hard again while testing.  Needless to say the team is behind and working hard to get the game back into shape after one of the toughest updates to the game.

Wave Spawners Have a Big Change Coming

Lord Subtleton found major issues with wave spawners that affected Envy Angel and we should have the change in the next patch.

4/9/2019 More Deco Announcements (unconfirmed) and playing with Trolls

Chris had a ton going on and was not able to add a ton of questions.  He was online to test the current patch that was coming out the same day.

Deco Contest Could Start as Early as this Weekend

What the hell?  This is happening fast.  We know the details really well by now and the top prize is a player-owned town.  This Friday, 4/12/2019, I am sure the official announcement for the contest will drop and we will know the complete details.

4/8/2019 Chris Stream - 2 offers today for a limited time

Special Offers from Chris

Purchase the 10,000 COTO package and receive the a few Obsidian Book of Greater Unlearning.  These books allow you to remove all of the experience from an entire tree.  Just purchase the item from the store and Chris will mail the item to you in-game.

Chris is still offering a 33% credit to deed upgrades.  Upgrade a deed and Chris will take 1/3 of that deed price and credit it toward a home of your choice.  I bet this will run all week honestly.

The Apology Stream!

If you are active in-game, you know this last release of Shroud of the Avatar was particularly troublesome.  An upgrade to unity is in and with it a new way of streaming terrain has been added to the game.  It's caused issues throughout the world that have to be fixed one-by-one.  Needless to say, it was not tested well, but it was the day of release and what do you do when you hit release day?  You release.

Maybe test it, but that's just a suggestion in software development.

Deed upgrade deal until 9pm CST tonight and more stream updates!

Deed upgrades will give a credit to a home purchase until 4/2/2019 9pm CST

Any deed upgrade will grant you a credit of 1/3 (one third) of the COTO price to a new home.  Email Atos in-game with the home you want to purchase and the purchase price of the home and he will send you the home.   He did some of this live on stream.  

In addition, if you upgraded a deed and you have an expired home, he offered to upgrade that expired home to the next home that matches that lot size.  This is pretty huge and something you need to check out.